Dr. Antonio Cliffardo is The Quest Corps' resident doctor. He has assisted the team on many missions, although is troubled by his drug abuse.

II: The Search For Pandora's Box Edit

Under orders from Rosdalf The Wizard, Dr. Cliffardo, along with Paulo Dmitri, led a team to Dorenbus to search for Pandora's Box, which the Elders believed would have the power to close the Astral Plane.

Upon arriving on the island of Dorenbus, Dr. Cliffardo introduced himself to Paulo, Marco Polo Pablo and Sanchez Miguel, before they set off on their adventure. Dr. Cliffardo initially received some heat from his fellow cohorts as he refused to share his Quiche.

A few days into their Quest, Paulo was attacked by the Bodysnatchers. Cliffardo surmised that it might have been caused by the sword that Paulo was carrying, so he decided to take the sword for himself, to keep it safe. Shortly after, Cliffardo was also attacked by the bodysnatchers, which resulted in him burning a hole in the ground. He then decided to pass the sword onto Sanchez.

After receiving an update from Rosdalf, Dr. Cliffardo and his team arrived at the Cannon Of Impeccable Taste, which Rosdalf believed that the team would have to set off in order to find Pandora's Box. Upon firing the cannon, there was a large explosion and the fate of the team was left uncertain.

III: The Sword Of Demons Edit

After setting off the Cannon Of Impeccable Taste, Dr. Cliffardo was launched across the island of Dorenbus, although he miraculously survived. However, he was on his own, and spent many days searching for his fellow team mates.

Eventually, Dr. Cliffardo came across Draco Falconsword and Pavel Wilson. They claimed to be searching for Pandora's Box, so Cliffardo agreed to join them.

Whilst continuing on his mission with his newfound friends, they came across The Toy. Draco foolishly picked up The Toy, but they were saved by The Ninja before it could explode.

Later, they came across The Magnifying Glass. Dr. Cliffardo decided they should return to his home in Switzerland and analyse it. Once he returned to his home, Cliffardo analysed the Magnifying Glass and left Rosdalf a voice message, detailing his discoveries, although Cliffardo was unaware that Rosdalf had been killed by the hands of Prometheus.

IV: Genesis Edit

Domanovic wrote a letter to Dr. Cliffardo detailing how he was to train some new recruits. It was revealed that Dr. Cliffardo had trained both Draco Falconsword and Pavel Wilson, and they were both now officially a part of The Quest Corps.

V: Gauntlet Of The Elders Edit

Whilst searching for a way to return to his home, Tiberius came across a parcel meant for Rosdalf. Inside it contained a letter from Dr. Cliffardo, as well as the magnifying glass that he, Pavel and Draco had previously discovered. With nothing else left to lose, Tiberius decided to hunt down Dr. Cliffardo, leading him towards the Dunwizardig.